Goodbye Facebook

Goodbye Facebook. I am not going to waste anymore time checking you. Call me old school, but if my friends or family want to reach me, I will still have that other time-waster called a phone so please call me and lets set up some time to talk to each other like humans used to do. We don’t need to talk about politics or protests or boycotts or religion but we could because face-to-face we will respect each other and we won’t say things that will offend each other.

Being in the advertising industry, I understand a little about how this works – the more people check FB, and like & share things, the more FB learns about us so they can target us with ads and make billions of dollars while we are less productive and make less money wasting our precious time.

Too many people say ‘life is too short…’but don’t live it. My Dad died suddenly of a heart attack, it happens to a lot of people. None of us know how much time we have left. I am going to spend the time I do have being productive and living in the real world with real people and not a servant to any technology.

I wont judge anyone for spending the time they have left in life on FB – I just don’t want to miss out on the real world.

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