College ROI

College ROI … for parents and high school students.

I am proud to be a ‘state school kid’. Two years at a community college then two more at UMASS, Amherst. I got my bachelor of science and saved my parents a lot of money. From a pure college ROI standpoint, I would say it was a home run. I wish more people would stop getting themselves into what I call, ‘crazy debt’ for an undergraduate degree.

According to National Student Loan Debt is $1,407,200,000,000 (that’s $1.41 Trillion. YES with a ‘T’ ). 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great schools in the world. If you can get into one of the top schools in your field and you know when you get out you will earn enough to pay it off, then go for it. If you or your parents have money to burn and are tired of giving it to needy charities, then by all means, go for it.

Consider a community college for two years then transfer to a good 4 year school and get your degree. You will have saved tens of thousands of dollars.  After graduation, NO ONE will ask you about your first two years of college. Rather than paying for student loans, you can invest that money in your first business.

Your success in life will be determined by many factors, hard work, perseverance, intelligence, luck, ability and willingness to learn, etc. Where you went to college is much much lower on the list than you might think.

So please consider the College ROI when investing in your undergraduate degree from some random liberal arts school that no one has ever heard of.

No offense. It’s just business. Do you homework, run the numbers and don’t follow the crowds into crazy debt.

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