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Let Them Fail

What is the opposite of success? Sadly, most people say “FAILURE’, however, failure is not the opposite of success, it is PART of success. We need to change the way we think, teach and lead and encourage our children We need encourage students and employees to learn from entrepreneurs – to try and to fail. Trying and failing is a great motivator and it teaches resilience, and resilience is a virtue. Fear of failure is… READ MORE

Where’s The Algorithm To Save Lives?

Where is the algorithm that may save lives? Imagine you are in the restaurant having dinner, suddenly some lunatic stands up and starts screaming and ranting about shooting and killing people. The lunatic then sits down and finishes his meal, pays the bill and leaves. Everyone is relieved that nothing happened and life goes on. A few months later, the same lunatic is on the news because he was involved in a mass shooting. Everyone… READ MORE

Stocks are On Sale! Think Long Term and Hunt For Bargains!

For anyone getting worried about the #StockMarket – here is the 10 year POV. You need to flip the script on this. Unless you are retiring this year, now is an opportunity to make money. Stocks are having a sale and no one knows how long it will last but you can find lots of #bargains.  Think of it like your favorite store offering 5-20% off everything, that is what is happening. Hunt for great companies at… READ MORE

Goodbye Facebook

Goodbye Facebook. I am not going to waste anymore time checking you. Call me old school, but if my friends or family want to reach me, I will still have that other time-waster called a phone so please call me and lets set up some time to talk to each other like humans used to do. We don’t need to talk about politics or protests or boycotts or religion but we could because face-to-face we… READ MORE

A Simple Solution For The NFL Problem

I am not going to preach and this is not political. I am about solutions. Let me be 100% clear; I love this country and like 99.99% of Americans, I do not endorse racism, police brutality or social injustice. I am not making a judgement on the cause behind any NFL player’s protest and will defend all Americans right to protest. BUT… They chose the wrong symbol to do it with. Notice that no one… READ MORE

Business Advice To Celebrities… STAY OUT OF POLITICS!

STAY OUT OF POLITICS! Like many Americans, I am tired of the actors, musicians, and athletes jumping into the political fray with their self righteous, condescending, ‘we live in a bubble’ rhetoric. Let’s take the Emmy’s for example. Hollywood actors, directors and producers surrounded by people who agree with them (or people who are too afraid to admit they don’t,) get together in a room and bitch and moan and think that we want to… READ MORE