Business Book: Eat People

Business books are one of my favorite learning tools. I am not the first to say it but… learning must never end.

I try to read 2-3 business books per month. From an ROI standpoint (yes, I am big on ROI), books are one of the best investments you can make with your money and your time. For $20 bucks or so, you can read about and learn from some very smart successful people. Information and wisdom that, in many cases, took a lifetime to acquire you can get in just a few hours.

‘EAT PEOPLE” by Andy Kessler.

Read business books and learn how to eat people

A few lines from the book:

“But I’ve got to tell you – if all you want to do is take over some old-line company and milk it for all it’s worth, I can’t help you. Or if you insist on pursuing some protected franchise in banking or insurance or medicine or whatever – forget it, you’re on your own. You may get rich milking the rest of us, but society won’t get rich along with you.” …

… “A Free Radical is someone who not only creates wealth for themselves, but at the very same time, improves the world, makes life better, and increases everyone else’s standard of living.” …

… “Rather than building huts in Costa Rica, a Free Radical invents cheaper building materials, improves the logistics of getting materials where they need to be, creates a market to discover the right prices for materials and labor, educates Costa Ricans, hires them to do twenty-first century work well beyond the sweatshops of the Far East–and in the end, they can afford to build their own homes. A Free Radical doesn’t even have to set foot in Costa Rica to be a hero, though likely an unsung one.” …

The book is fascinating.

For the record, I am not going to review business books. When I find a good one, I will share it with you in the hopes that I can inspire you. Stop lying to yourself, you have time to read business books and learn – it’s all about priorities.

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